Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a process where people are brought in instead of going out to search for customers. It’s a process to attract, engage, and delight customers. In digital marketing, inbound marketing has immense importance, and this is one of the tools that can make or break your digital marketing plan.

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Let’s boost your business with Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing has some set of components , the application of same with right kind of strategy will make all the difference .Some of the standard components of inbound content marketing are as follows –

  • Blog post : Blogs help to make a connection with the customers and build a relationship with them. A well-written blog will help to establish trust and relation with the clients. Where clients will initiate further to comment and share your blog .these all steps will help to convert your visitors into customers.
  • Case studies : Case studies for inbound marketing involve sharing success stories of happy customers who have used your products.
  • Guides, ebook : Guides and ebooks provide in-depth information on the products engagingly. This ebook needs to be engaging enough so that visitors are convinced to transform into customers.
  • Checklist : The checklist provides an idea of the actionable tips to be taken to increase the sales of the products. This checklist needs to be systematic and in a chronological manner.
  • Landing pages : The landing page is the webpage that appears when the visitor clicks on a particular PPC advertisement. For most cases, the home page is the landing pages, but it could be any other page also depending upon the search context.
  • SEO : SEO is a tool to rank your website with organic placement on search engine result pages or SERP. When you have a quality website content and structure for the search, you will get an organic placement on SERP.
  • PPC : PPC stands for pay per click, where the advertiser has to pay an amount each time when their ad is clicked. It is a manner in which the buyers on site are purchased rather than them visit organically.
  • Videos/Infographics : Video infographics also play a vital role in inbound marketing. These videos or infographics needs to be content-rich and well designed.
  • Social media Marketing : Social media marketing is a tool to connect with customers by using social media platforms. These marketing techniques help to increase sales and bring more traffic to the website.
  • Email marketing : Email marketing is an act to send commercial messages to a group of people for the marketing of the product or services.

How SMAC DIGITAL will help you with inbound marketing

SMAC digital is one of the pioneer marketing agencies which will help you with all of your inbound marketing strategies. We have helped many national and international clients to achieve their desired customer base and ultimately boosted their business with the help of inbound marketing. SMAC digital adopt the following methodology to boost your business with inbound marketing.

Process of inbound marketing followed by SMAC Digital

The process of inbound marketing could be differentiated, and we design the step of inbound marketing in the following manner to boost the client's business. Our basic steps for client business is as follows -

  • 1.Strangers to your sites : People browsing on the website are strangers. These strangers can notice your website based on their search or your push marketing activities.
  • 2. Bring strangers as visitors to your website : The second step involved is changing the strangers into visitors for your website. These strangers can be converted into visitors only when they found something they are searching for or found your site content interesting enough to click.
  • 3. Convert visitors into leads : The next step is to convert these visitors to points. Points could be both random and productive type. For the conversion of visitors to point, the content on the website should be productive and useful.
  • 4. Convert leads into customers : When the visitors fill up the information, they are converted into points. The next step involves the conversion of these leads to customers. Here conversion of leads into customers also required compelling content so that they get convinced enough to be a customer of your company.
  • 5. Change customers into promoters : The next step in inbound marketing is to change these customers into developers. For doing so, there is a requirement of the build of faith in the customers, who get ready to be a promoter for the products.

SMAC Digital stand out from the crowd in inbound marketing?

SMAC digital is the best digital marketing agency that has helped the clients with their inbound marketing to boost their business and achieve their goals. We always have the following points in our mind very clear which makes us stand out and successful from others.

  • 1. We know that every client has different goals and objective
  • 2. There is a difference in the strategy for National & International clients
  • 3. Long term campaign planning, with milestones, is the key to success
  • 4. Identifying the target audience precisely makes the difference/li>
  • 5. Conducting proper research on their taste and preference
  • 6. Create a unique and compelling story to engage those audiences
  • 7. Choosing the right platform for delivery of content (social media, blog, email)
  • 8. Creating a proper calendar for each client following here campaign plan
  • 9. Updating the goals following the changing environment.

SMAC digital has successfully designed and implemented, the inbound marketing campaign of many International and national level clients. We are providing the best marketing services to our clients so that their business gets boost up with our digital marketing service. We are a team of professionals who are determined to provide the best marketing services to the clients. For further details contact us today and let’s grow your business together to new heights. Contact Us Today!

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