Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

In digital marketing, much software is used for repetitive marketing functions like email marketing, social media marketing, etc. These automation software not only make the work easier but also provide a customised service to the customer. With a rise in the digital marketing era, investment in marketing automation has been doubled.

At SMAC Digital we provide marketing automation services, namely email marketing, social media posting, ad campaigns, and many more, in an efficient and customised manner, as per the client's requirements. If you are looking for quality marketing automation services contact us today.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the software that helps in the mechanization of the redundant marketing process. Some of the repetitive tasks which are done automated to save time are as follows –

  • • Manual creation of email
  • • SMS messaging
  • • Social media post dissemination
  • • Widget content of the website
  • • Advertisement placement online
  • • Data management and analysis

It’s a simple support tool which helps in saving time of the user so that it could streamline its energy more in strategy making.

Why is marketing automation an essential tool for digital marketing?

In general, companies that use marketing automation witness more traffic on their website. This traffic brings more buyers and higher retention and loyalty of customers. It will provide a personalized one to one connection, and most of the users have witnessed a sound increase in their sales with it.

Marketing automation helps to create one to one relation with the customer without any manual effort. A good marketing team embraces marketing automation to make their campaign more accurate and for the generation of better leads for their sales team. Marketing automation helps the department to generate ROI on their campaign. Some of the benefits of marketing automation are as follows –

  • Time-saving : marketing automation, software campaigns could be framed ahead of its time. It will also help you to schedule a customized post for the audience.
  • Increase productivity : Marketing automation frees the marketing team from a repetitive task and provides time for better productive work.
  • Multi-channel campaign management : It keeps track of all marketing campaigns across all marketing platforms in one channelized form.
  • Personalization : Marketing automation helps you provide personalized services to your clients, which will help you to improve your business efficiency.
  • Consistent voice tone : Marketing automation helps in unifying the marketing tone of your campaign. Therefore it is advisable to always have the option of consistent voice tone in your business with marketing automation.

Myths about marketing automation

There are a few myths associated with marketing automation due to its fully automated function. Let’s debunk these myths -

  • Myth #1: Marketing automation is all about bulk email : Email is the earliest channel of marketing, which has been automated at first. But with the latest technology, marketing automation is applied in many other marketing channels like lead generation, social media, and management activities.
  • Myth #2: Marketing Automation is all about spam : When a message is shown without any warning in your inbox, it is termed as spam. When your message is not reaching in a customized and personalized manner to the user, it is more of a kind of spam for them.

How SMAC DIGITAL will help you with Marketing Automation?

  • 1. Encourage readers to opt for your reader's list : We help you to receive quality traffic from search or social media so that the marketing automation list could be prepared. We provide quality content for your website visitors so that they get engaged and organic traffic could be fetched.
  • 2. Deliver you're an opt-in promise : When the user subscribes to receive the email we begin the requisite conversation with the clients. We provide the information to the interested subscribers in the form of e-book, newsletter or another form of content so that these subscribers convert into quality leads.
  • 3. Identifying the motivated subscriber : We know that it is always a good idea to spend more time on motivated subscribers. For doing so , we make a proper analysis to identify the motivated subscribers who have the strongest interest in your product and services. For doing so , we categorize the subscribers into warm and cold leads. We prepare a different new strategy for warm leads so that they could get converted into customers.
  • 4. Providing warm leads to the sales team : After the automatic segmentation of warm and cold leads with marketing automation tools, we provide the warm leads to your sales team. We have upgraded marketing automation techniques which will notify your sales staff for any new lead so that you could make quick follow up.
  • 5. Warm-up procedure for cold leads : The last but not least we gradually warm up the cold subscribers . We make a separate strategy for all the cold leads so that these can be converted in to warm leads.

SMAC digital is the best digital marketing agency which provides quality marketing services to its clients. We are working with some of the pioneer national and international brands providing quality service to our clients. We will provide you the best marketing automation service and provide a proper strategy to convert these leads into customers. For further information, contact us today!

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