Social Media Analytics

Digital marketing is gaining large importance across the industry and in an environment where ROI is of growing importance. It is powerful to quantify and measure all web and social media activity to control the effectiveness of media investments and digital marketing campaigns.

Social media has become a regular marketing resource over the past decade, growing well beyond a basic brand awareness tactic. Social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook have developed into viable sources of leads, particularly with the help of social advertisements. In addition, these networks are great places to engage prospects or current clients to help bolster relationships. Employees can quickly and easily become brand advocates and influencers by posting and engaging on social media.

It is crucial for social media managers and marketing teams to know how social media campaigns are performing across all social channels, how and why accounts are growing in followers and engagements, and even track how competitors are performing. As companies continue to spend more money on social advertising, the need to know which campaigns are performing well and which are not becomes all the more critical.

Our Social Media Analytics Service

Brand Monitoring : Get a clear picture of how your brand is viewed and talked about, and find ways to strengthen your brand’s presence based on a continuous assessment of online brand conversations.

Online Reputation Management: Identify issues that can potentially harm your online reputation and manage them in a way that promotes positive brand sentiment.

Influencer Marketing : Know whom to collaborate with to wield influence over target audiences and achieve better marketing results.

Industry, Category, and Competition Research and Analysis : Gain an up-to-the-minute view of the latest trends, customer behaviour, and competition with our data analytics expertise. Our ability to integrate top-line social data points with traditional market research helps brands analyse, benchmark, and enhance their social media efforts.

Campaign Management and Reporting : Find out how your campaigns are performing and identify areas for improvement based on key metrics such as awareness, engagement, consumer sentiment, website traffic, and more.

Consumer Behaviour Analysis : Tune into consumer voices to identify what they want, expect, and care about, and gain a better understanding of which consumer segments to target to improve marketing effectiveness.

Why Smac Digital?

Social media listening and analytics tools tend to be expensive and require a lot of reconfiguration and hands-on training. While Smac Digital takes care of these aspects, you can concentrate on planning strategies that deliver concrete results. Through the use of advanced technology platforms and an experienced team of data analysts and marketing experts, we glean the most accurate insights and provide recommendations to simplify decision-making processes. We select the right tools based on your listening, customer analytics, ad analytics, and CRM analytics needs.

We work with you to improve your business's bottom line and generate
positive ROI so that you can scale it up.